Friday, December 21, 2007


After visiting Frankfurt and Heidelburg, I flew back to Spain to meet up with Tim again. I had a 12-hour layover in Brussels and since I had been there just a few weeks prior I took a train into town and checked out a few more sites (not to mention loaded up on FRESH Belgian chocolates and snacked on Belgium waffles with ice cream and strawberries!)

Instead of flying to Madrid, I flew into the city of Valladolid. The capital of the province Castilla Leon, Valladolid is a small city about 125 miles northwest of Madrid.

Statue in front of the town hall.
V-did (as I called it) is rich in royal history:
Isabella and Ferdinand were married in Valladolid (pronounced Vie-uh-doe-leed)... Philip II was born here in the room above...
Christopher Columbus died in Valladolid in 1506...

This is also the place where Miguel de Cervantes published his first edition of Don Quixote in 1604...
and the Plaza Mayor in Valladolid (as seen in the reflection of Tim's sunglasses) was used as the template for other plaza's across the region, including Madrid's.

Valladolid is rich in architecture and scultures...

Check out the detail in this cathedral's entrance!

A closer look at the cathedral entry

Kinda creepy, but way cool!

A fun fountain in Valladolid

A bronze sculpture in town. (If you wanna see the other side then you'll just have to visit!)

An official Spanish postal mail box. I'd be scared to pay my bills hahaha!

This is Tim back mapping out the road trip for our castle tour before we picked up the rental car.

One of the things I'll remember about Valladolid are all of the roses.
It's got the most beautiful rose garden right in the middle of downtown.

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